martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Iphone 4s insults a child

A British woman says the voice recognition system Siri has insulted your 12 years old whentested an iPhone 4S in a department store in the UK. The responsibility for establishing and ensuring they have confirmed that this error is due to a manipulation of Siri at the terminal.

Since its launch with iPhone 4S, voice recognition system has caused quite a buzz SiriFor now, it is a software that can only be used in the latest 'smartphone' Apple and allows the phone to talk to any activity or find any results.
However, the experience of a child of 12 years in the UK with Siri was not as satisfactory.Charlie Le Quesne, a boy of 12 yearswent to a Tesco store with her mother and wanted totest the system S. Siri iPhone 4 When asked "How many people in the world?" Siri told him"I'm not sure what you said, so shut the fuck up."
The mother, who accompanied his son, said he "could not believethe response to asimple questionTherefore ask the question again but the system returned to repeat the same. "Thinking it was a mistake, ask again but the same words sounded again," as the mother said the British newspaper The Daily Mail
Charlie's mother complained about the incident to the store manager and employees ofTesco quickly switch preceded the terminal.
The staff of the department stores think that someone has tampered with the sampleterminal to perform this type of answers. Still, the manager has said that Tesco has launched "an investigation into the issue" and that the terminal is sent to Apple "to diagnosethe problem terminal."

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