lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Appel is developing new products

There will be developments in this coming year.
The two major new tablets would be two TVs and Appel.
The third generation of IPad be presented on February 24, the date marks the anniversaryof the birth of Steve Jobs. With 9.7 inch screen, the biggest news would be in one of hismodels with a new battery, 20 hours of autonomy. The Iphone 2 price would be reducedconsiderably, in order to compete with the Amazon Kindle that sells Fire. However, it is possible that one of the new models presented have a screen smaller, about 7.50 inches (7.35 and 7.85). This "iPad mini" would presumably for sale at a price of 200 euros.

Regardless of the Iphone, the expected release of the Iphone 5, with innovations like the design, screen, processor and size.
Another innovation would be the appearance of television sets Appel, iTV, which couldmake its appearance during the third quarter, and with sizes of 32 "and 37". These TVsallow PPP access appel just as do the Iphone, Iphone and other brand devices, like the TVnow called Appel, already on the market. It may also include Siri voice control of devices

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