martes, 3 de enero de 2012

One tablet in 47 euros

The Indian company that manufactures electronic tablet cheapest in the world (47 dollars) has received 1.4 million requests for reservations after only fourteen days of marketing, said the local newspaper Economic Times.

The father of the initiative, Suneet Singh Tuli, was surprised by the success of thetabletaAakash (sky, in Sanskrit) and stated that they will open three more factories in order to give effect to all orders received your company, Datawind .

The company, which has exhausted the first 300,000 units, currently has only one plant inHyderabad (southern India), but plans to build another in the same city and two more in the towns of Noida (north) and Cochin (south): "We never expected such a response from buyers. We plan to provide between 70,000 and 75,000 units a day when new plants start operating in April," said Tuli from Panama, where he advises the government on low-cost technologies. "Two weeks ago we received a call from the Computer Emergency Readiness Team India for an alleged cyber attack. I just had to clarify that we had takenthe tablet for sale through our website," said Singh Tuli.

The Aakash, which runs on Android 2.2 operating system, features 7-inch touchscreen and weighs 350 grams. The device can be used as an eBook and it has wifi, 366 Mhzprocessor, two USB ports and 256 Mb of RAM. Datawind plans to release the middle of this month a new version of that 2999 ​​Aakash rupees (56 dollars) will offer twice as fastwith a 700 Mhz processor and has access to internet connection 2G.

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